Yannis Belonis 
   Ph.D. in Musicology (Department of Musical Studies of the University of Athens). He is arranger / orchestrator and supervisor of the music library of the Greek National Opera,  chief editor of the musicological Journal Polyphonia, member of the Hellenic Musicological Society and pianist of “Mikis Theodorakis” orchestra. He specialises in Greek music and in particular composers of the Greek National School of Music.
   He graduated from the Department of Musical Studies at the University of Athens in 1998. The following year he received a scholarship from the National Scholarships Institution in order to carry out his Ph.D. thesis with the subject “The Chamber Music of Manolis Kalomiris”, which was completed in 2004.
   During the period 2004-2013 he worked as a Research Assosiate of the Faculty of Music Technology at the Technological University of Epirus (Arta). Since 2004, iin collaboration with the publishing house “Philippos Nakas”, he has undertaken the editing of a part of the orchestral works of composer Yannis A. Papaioannou. Since 2002 he has been one of the chief editors of the most dominant musicological journal in Greece, Polyphonia (www.polyphonia.gr) and during the period 2008-2010, he maintained a column in the newspaper Real News, as a music critic.
   He has actively participated in international musicological conferences in Greece and Europe, in some of which he was a member of the organizing committee. His articles and papers have been published in Greek and foreign scientific journals, collective editions, newspapers and in program notes of the “Athens Concert Hall”.
   In 2012 the Hellenic Music Centre published his book titled Chamber Music in Greece in the first half of the 20th century. The case of Marios Varvoglis (1885-1967). He has participated in many concerts as a musician, and he has collaborated with numerous Greek composers, theater and symphonic orchestras in order to orchestrate and arrange various musical works.