Alexandros Charkiolakis was born in Athens. He studied music at the Hellenic Conservatoire and the University of Sheffield. He is the editor of the following books: Manolis Kalomiris – 50 Years After. Athens: Fagotto Books, 2013 (with Nikos Maliaras); Autobiography and Archive of Alekos Xenos. Athens: Benaki Museum Publications, 2013; and Music Information Resources and Ιnformational Education, Athens: Fagotto Books, 2015 (with Charis Lavranos). He has worked as a musicologist and coordinator for educational projects at the Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”. In January 2013 he became Head of the “Erol Üçer” Music Library, and adjunct Lecturer in Historical Musicology at the MIAM (Center for Advanced Studies in Music) of the Istanbul Technical University. In May 2017 he returned to Athens in order to take up the position of Director of the “Friends of Music Society”.