The HELLENIC MUSIC CENTRE was founded in September 2006 by Yannis Samprovalakis and Yannis Tselikas, in the form of a non-profit company. Its purpose is the study, cultivation, promotion, publication, elevation and dissemination of Greek art music. We aim at collaboration for the creation of a contemporary European cultural identity that will bring Greek culture into contact with the cultures of other countries of Europe and the rest of the world, building bridges between musicians and musical organizations all over the world.

The means by which we try to achieve our goals are the following:
(a) research into sources connected with Greek art music (music manuscripts, theoretical texts, musical publications, unpublished letters, reviews, books, treatises, dissertations, articles, photographic material etc.).
(b) scientific and musicological elaboration, editing, transcription, orchestration, adaptation, restoration and designing in electronic form of the sources of Greek art music. 
(c) publication of books, periodicals, leaflets and printed matter of all kinds related to the promotion of Greek art music. 
(d) promotion and distribution of publications of the sources of Greek art music in Greece and abroad. 
(e) production, editing and publication of sound and video recordings of Greek art music (on CD, VCD, DVD etc.). 
(f) organizing performances, concerts, festivals and other kinds of events that promote Greek art music. 
(g) organizing seminars, presentations, lectures, projections, exhibitions and all kinds of artistic and intellectual event.
(h) collaborating with other artistic, educational and scientific institutions, public, municipal and private, both in and outside Greece for the promotion of our goals and principles.
(i) supporting the collaboration between different countries, especially between Greece and other countries through the promotion and publication of works by Greek composers of the diaspora.
(j) providing information on Greek art music.
(k) establishing contests and awards for interpretation and composition of Greek art music.